Soviet Sounds

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Author: Gviper321
Last revision: 6 Dec at 22:53 2017 UTC


This is a mod for replacing the base game soundtrack with the music of the Soviet Union

-Current Track List as of December 6th, 2017 @ 6:53pm EST-
(1) Ah Nastassia
(2) Along Peterskaia Street
(3) Alyosha
(4) Bella Ciao
(5) Civil War Songs
(6) Dark Eyes
(7) Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl
(8) Defenders of the Country
(9) Echelon’s Song
(10) Farewell to Slavianka
(11) Farewell, Rocky Mountains
(12) Forward, Red Marines
(13) Gandzia
(14) Gunner’s March
(15) In the Central Steppes
(16) Kalinka
(17) Katyusha
(18) Korobeiniki
(19) Let’s Go
(20) March of Memories
(21) March of the 8th Panfilov Division
(22) March of the Defenders of Moscow
(23) March of the Motherland
(24) March of the Soviet Tankists
(25) Marshal Zhukov and Victory
(26) Mortar March
(27) Moscow in May
(28) Moscow Nights
(29) My Army
(30) My Country
(31) Nasha Derzhava
(32) On the Road
(33) Parade March
(34) Partisan’s Song
(35) Plants and Arable Lands
(36) Polyushka Polye
(37) Rockets on Duty
(38) Slavery and Suffering
(39) Smugljanka
(40) Song of the Volga Boatman
(41) Souliko
(42) Tachanka
(43) That’s Me and You
(44) The Birch Tree
(45) The Cliff
(46) The Cossack’s Song
(47) The Cossacks
(48) The Guard Song
(49) The Hunt for Red October
(50) The Red Army is the Strongest
(51) The Road Song
(52) The Roads
(53) The Sacred War
(54) The Samovars
(55) The Soviet Army is the Red Army
(56) There March the Soldiers
(57) To Serve Russia
(58) Troika Galop
(59) Varchavianka
(60) Vasya-Vasilyok

I would like to increase the number of tracks in this mod so send suggestions in the comments!
If you have any issues, or if I misnamed a song, please leave a comment and I will try my best to fix the problem.
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