Historical Turkey Mod v1.4

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Author: battle4royal
Last revision: 25 Aug at 18:49 UTC


Hi! This mod ESPECIALLY focuses on Turkey which tried to keep neutral itself almost end of the war. I’m developing this mod over one year. This is the most comprehensive mod about Turkey.

-A new both focus tree both includes historical and utopic focuses for Turkey
-Almost 200 events and lots of unique event images
-Unique "National Ideas" for Turkey
-Many national figures as adviors or commanders
-Also colorized advisors portraits
-Unique material designers wtih logos
-Regulated populations according to the 1935 census
-Historically updated divisions and division templates.
-Historically updated Turkish land,air and naval equipments(with names). Also some special tech trees with equipment images
-Historical Turkish army commanders with their portraits.
-Unique trait for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk(Founder of Republic).
-Upgraded map and state boundries:
***New States:Batumi and Hatay
***Demilitarized State: Istanbul (Until Montreux Congress)
-Artificial intelligence and strategy for Turkey.
-Turkish and English localisations are supported
-Many unique military band songs.
-Unique focus and idea logos.
-Unique ideology "Kemalism"
-Unique diplomatic opinions
-Unique decisions

for any suggestions steam/battle4royal, paradoxfan/battle4royal