Historical Turkey Mod v1.4

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Author: battle4royal
Last revision: 19 Apr at 17:12 UTC


Hearts of Iron IV – Historical Turkey Mod v.1.4

Hi! This mod focuses on Turkey which tried to keep neutral itself almost end of the war. I’m developing this mod almost one year and only myself. There are many mods about Turkey. But this is the most comprehensive mod about Turkey.

-A new new focus tree has been added for Turkey. Focuses are generally related to the historical process but still include many historical events such as the utopian Misak-ı Milli (Montreux Straits Convention, Trakya Maneuvers, Saadabad Pact etc.). The focal points were often supported by date restrictions to increase historical realism.
-Near 200 events and at least half-specific event images were added. Original images and descrition were created for each one (There are events supported by images such as Dersim Rebellion, General Toydemir’s visit to Kursk etc.).
Turkey’s unique "National Ideas" were created. Mainly neutral and fascism ideologies were worked. Initially we start with the Balkan Pact and the non-aggression pact with the three countries, and this pact gives us some daily polytonic power. As a result, Romania, which came with DoD dlc, does not need to give guarantee at start.
-Many national figures were added as adviors or commanders(Fahrettin Altay, Nuri Demirag, Sükrü Saracoglu etc.). Their portraits were also added with colored images.
-Material designers were created. Tomtas, Sümerbank, MKE etc were added together with logos of material designers.
-Turkey’s history files were edited. The population was regulated according to the 1935 census and raised to around 16 million. Initial divisions were organized and 1 tank procession was added. Support artillery was also added to the divisions. In addition, the National Unity has been increased by 10%.
-Some naming conventions were made in the technology tree. Especially tank and aircraft names were based on historical reality. Again a historical bug was resolved and basic artillery and World War I tanks (FT-17) were researched. (In Battle of Sakarya, we had an army with a gunnery myth. In the beginning of the game, it is ridiculous that the basic artillery is not researched.).
-15 generals and 2 admirals were added to the Turkish army with their portraits. Fevzi Çakmak was added as Field Marshal.
-In the beginning, an unique trait to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk(Founder of Republic) were given. However, since it is unlikely to be able to fight before 1939 with a neutral focus, and since these effects can not be used with fascism, these effects remain symbolic without being OP.
-The map was changed. Batumi and Hatay were added. In addition, the district of Istanbul is demilitarized until Montreux Congress. The boundaries of some territories have changed. It was added some iron mine to Sivas.
-Each unit has more options for names of ships, submarines etc.
-Now the nationalist Turkey flag does not change.
-In line with the political events, factors that affect our relations with other states positively/negatively were created.
-Artificial intelligence and strategy have been added for Turkey. For those who want to play with another state while the mode is on, Turkey continues to play a more effective game.
-Turkish and English localisation pack were added.
-Turkish Armed Forces Military Band with 21 Songs was added.

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