Kingdom of Poland

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Authors: Jakob, Otto von Bismarck
Last revision: 17 Dec at 19:12 2017 UTC


Hello, basicly this mod changes some states on map, Polish leader, and Polish Flag.

Actual Version v0.0.1

What does mod exactly adds?
-Józef Piłsudski
-New Polish Flag
-Changed States
-Ideology (Monarchist)

Version v0.1.1 will be coming out on on February!

What will be added?
-Focus Tree

What languages are in mod?

Optional DLC’s: Poland: United and Ready, Anniversary Pack, Historical German Portraits, Rocket Launcher Unit Pack, Death of Dishonor, and Together for Victory.
You don’t really need any DLC’s, but if you will have them, the game will be more fun 🙂

Thank you for reading information’s, I will share version v1.0.0 of mod when HOI4 will be updated to version 1.5!