Total Iran Rework

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Author: Reza Shah Pahlavi
Last revision: 21 Mar at 20:08 UTC


The mod is updated!

A complete overhaul of Iran

*This mod is mostly finished*

– Focus Tree
– Events
– Iranian Civil War
– Ministers
– Coloured Portraits
– Music
– Unit VO’s ( only one i could find )
– Recreating the Achaemenid Empire ( For you history nuts )
– Unit skins ( Thanks to the Total HOI IV reskin mod!)

This mod was inspired by the legacy of Iran and it’s leaders.

Any feedback is welcomed.

As you can see this is a lot to do, as a single man team i cannot promise alot but i will do my best to bring you a total Iran rework.

Compatiblity issues:
Weird things happen with Road to 56 and Persia Rising
Should work with GFX mods and mods that do not alter Iran in anyway.

Credit to: for event pictures.