Total Iran Rework **** Updated ***

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Author: Reza Shah Pahlavi
Last revision: 12 May at 20:18 UTC



The mod is compatible with 1.5.* Cornflakes

Poeple have complained that they don’t receive events when picking certain foci.
This events are for other countries, and they don’t have news events yet.
The news events will be added in the future.

A complete overhaul of Iran

*This mod is mostly finished*

– Focus Tree
– Events
– Iranian Civil War
– Ministers
– Coloured Portraits
– Music
– Unit VO’s ( only one i could find )
– Recreating the Achaemenid Empire ( For you history nuts )
– Unit skins ( Thanks to the Total HOI IV reskin mod!)

This mod was inspired by the legacy of Iran and it’s leaders.

Any feedback is welcomed.

As you can see this is a lot to do, as a single man team i cannot promise alot but i will do my best to bring you a total Iran rework.

Compatiblity issues:
Weird things happen with Road to 56 and Persia Rising
Should work with GFX mods and mods that do not alter Iran in anyway.

Credit to: for event pictures.
Credit to: for thumbnail.