Piłsudski’s Intermarium

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Author: steffplays
Last revision: 4 Dec at 15:51 2017 UTC


Welcome to Pilsudski’s Intermarium!

After the first World War, Józef Pilsudski, became chief of state of the newly formed Second Republic of Poland. The republic was more an Authocracy under Pilsudski’s command then a democratic republic. From the newly formed country’s first day, it had enemies and war. In 1920, the polish launched a sucssesfull offensive towards Kiev, crusching the Soviet forces placed in Ukraine, slaying general Semyon Budyonny and his cavalery force. In 1922, polish forces pushed into Kiev after winning over the Soviet garrison there. On the same time, Poland pushed in and occupied Lithuania and Minsk. Two more years would go before peace was signed, and in 1925 Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine formed Intermarium.
The country has seen ten years with peace, but the scars of wars are still here after ten years. In reaction to the invation of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia joined forces and created the Baltic Union to strenghten themself from what they sees as "slavic imperialism" from both Intermarium and the Soviet Union. The Baltic Union still is bitter that Lithuania is under polish control.
In 1935, Józef Pilsudski died, leaving a mourning country, maybe also showing the weaknesses of Intermarium. From language disbutes to religion, Intermarium is far from completly stable.

Including in the Mod:
– The Federation and State of Intermarium
– Leaders for Intermarium
– The Union of Baltic States
– Leader for neutral Baltic Union
– New Releasable Country: Crimea
– New Ideas
– New OOBs
– New Events

Planned to be in the Mod:
– Focus Tree for Intermarium
– Focus Tree for Baltic Union
– Changes to german and soviet Focus Trees

Good luck, and see if you can lead Intermarium to Victory!