Modern Day 4

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Authors: popkillerlight, MSG, TheDivexz, ModernDay 4 Mod, Baz, Kalkalash, EvilCivGuy4, Killerrabbit, AgentGB, Imperator, Gearz
Last revision: 30 Dec at 04:53 2017 UTC


Welcome to the Modern Day 4 mod!

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Disclaimer! Do not use other mods or submods with this mod unless the author of the submod has specifically stated that their submod works with MD4. Any crash/bug reports or balance issues made while running other active mods will be ignored.

  • New Map (new provinces, real borders, states, resources, industry and population)
  • New Countries (all with portraits, correct statistics, some have military leaders)
  • All Countries have very detailed armies, navy, aircraft and equipment
  • New Tech Tree (doctrines and future industry techs will be expanded later)
  • New Equipment and Unit types (All made from scratch to make combat a complete new experience)
  • Detailed Civil Wars – If it exists, it’s here.
  • New Economic System – differences in development, debt, corruption, budget-management
  • Modern 3D models
  • 2017 Startdate

We’re proud to be the only modern mod that can tick all of the above boxes. This is a very solid base to build an great, dynamic and exciting mod upon.

So, we have built a solid base, but the mod is – like all others – NOT finished. In this first release, we aim for it to be fun to play the first few years, especially in the middle east. Then reload and try a different country.

Future updates will add more content across the board – desicions, dynamic events, politics, focuses, more conflicts and all that exciting geopolitical action we know you love and crave.

Please write to us about errors, but specify as many details as possible – otherwise it is not helpful.

This mod does not require DLC to play but the MD4 team highly recommends having all DLC to get the full experience.


If you want to be part of the effort to develop MD4 further you have to:

  • Either be a good scripter
  • Or be proficient with photoshop or 3D modelling
  • Or be willing to show dedication doing tedious easy work until you have built up the skills nessesary to do your own designed contributions

Full time members are those that are active with valueable contributions. Full time members run and decide how the mod should be based primarially on a discussion -> consensus model. Thus there is no limit to what you can help decide and do if you are a full time member putting in effort.

Submods are allowed. No need to ask. Taking stuff from the mod without permission isn’t.

The Mod includes, with permission, elements of:
Millennium Dawn: Alternate Style submod by Grymic
Millennium Dawn: Retexture Mod by CelsiuZ

Happy playing!