War Never Changes (Early WIP)

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Authors: Nomad, [LuftWaffle]Dawn253, Generalis
Last revision: 23 Sep at 16:50 UTC


Total overhaul mod of Hearts of Iron 4 based on the Fallout Universe. Uses canon content but in areas without lore we put in fandom nations as well as our own.
This mod is the official successor to ‘Fallout Mod’ by Dawn253.

Discord: https://discord.gg/UQU5cdQ
Github (FOR DOWNLOADING DEV BUILD): https://github.com/generalisofficial/War-Never-Changes-HOI4

Main Features:
Adding new states and nations to all around the world (currently only north America)
Dozens of new nations
Almost all fonts in the game replaced by the Fallout 3 UI font
Scripted GUI Colonization system for certain areas (WIP)
Custom 3D Infantry for NCR and the Legion
All loading screens replaced
All main menus replaced
Tons of new music added
Slower factory production and construction
Less equipment and manpower needed for infantry
Less population in overhauled territories

Planned Features:
New Generic focus tree
Focus trees for all major nations (NCR in progress)
Tech Tree (in progress)
2077 scenario
OOBs for all nations