Millenium Dawn Tech Tree Expansion

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Author: TimIZ
Last revision: 30 Dec at 04:13 2017 UTC


Special Forces need:
helmet, uniform, boots, pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, desert vehicle, protected vehicle

Mountain Commando needs:
helmet, boots, winter uniform, submachine gun, shovel, winter vehicles, nightsight

Para Commando needs:
helmet, uniform, boots, submachine gun, handgrenade, automatic grenade launcher, anti-tank vehicles, designated marksman rifle

Rangers need:
helmet, uniform, boots, submachine gun, machine gun, mortar, protected vehicle

Light Cavalry needs:
helmet, uniform, boots, small arms, light vehicles

Light Dragoons need:
desert uniform, helmet, boots, rucksack, mines, smoke grenades, desert vehicle, small arms

Long Range Reconnaissance Unit needs:
helmet, uniform, boots, submachine gun, knife, jeep

Marine Commando needs:
helmet, uniform, boots, small arms, combat diver equipment, jeep, amphibious vehicle

MLRS needs:

Anti-tank infantry needs:
helmet, uniform, boots, anti-tank weapon, protection vest, grenade launcher, jeep, radio

Panzergrenadiere need:
uniform, helmet, boots, infantry fighting vehicle, automatic rifle, anti-air weapon, radar

Police needs:
police uniform, baton, shield, pistol, police vehicles

Riot Mob needs:
balaclava, slingshot, molotov cocktail, mobile phone, flares

Combat Engineers need:
helmet, uniform, boots, engineer vehicle, minethrower, gasmask

Required items:
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