Improved Division Designer

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Authors: CRO-MAGA, Miraj
Last revision: 23 Dec at 20:21 2017 UTC


Improved Division Designer 1.0.1


This mod provides players with an improved division designer that features improved visuals (for your eyes) and a second regiment for support battalions (allowing players to add up to 10 support battalions).

This mod is currently under development. This is my 1st HOI4 mod.


This mod should work with any other mod that does not edit the division designer.

Known Issues

  • Not compatible with HOIIP – NATO Template Counters (he edits the division designer with his mod)
  • The Unit Details view needs a reconstruction because of the second support regiment. This is not a part of the division designer however it is directly affected by the changes made by this mod.
  • This mod will obviously not work with any mod like BlackICE that edits the division designer (as said above). If our mod gets a 2 star rating because of this… oh well. If you have an IQ above 50 feel free to give us a gud rating.