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Author: Niklas
Last revision: 2 May at 18:59 UTC


Have you ever played hoi4 but the same stuff keeps happening? Not anymore ! This mod turns the game into an even more random experience to make you enjoy the chaos more. I got inspired by the event system in eu4 and wanted to make one for hoi4.

Russian localisation by BWMaster64 and 9_9 (big thanks)

Current features :
-> events that changes the popularity of several parties(could start a civil war)
-> events that add/remove infrastructure/factories
-> events that gives you more manpower
-> event that add/remove claims/cores (cores will only be removed from not owned terretory)
-> events to transfer states that you claim(could lead to war)
-> bad language for free
-> supporting civil war countries with equipment
-> event to improve infrastructure in capital
-> anti-war protest eventchain (2 events…maybe soon more)
-> improve relations with neighbour event
-> get science bonus
-> anti-war protests that can trigger civil-wars
-> non-core states "revolt" against government
-> revolting states can be turned into non-revolting states with effort
-> revolting states can be turned to your side (not without risk)
-> border-wars can be started
-> invite foreign investors and get dependent on them ;D
-> reduce the influence of the investors
-> holding a speech
-> growing patriotism
-> problem of famine

Planned features :
-> adding more "good" events
-> news events for civil-wars
-> fixing the bug, where border-wars go on for ever
-> making border-wars less likely
-> support civil-war event less likely 😛
-> [your suggestion here]


If you have any suggestions for new events feel free to comment and have fun playing my mod ;D