Ante Rebellum

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Authors: HappyNTH, Koach, Aarn, Bjorn Ironside, Markush
Last revision: 14 Jan at 16:37 2018 UTC



More bugs have been squashed and a few other things tweaked – notably Soviet event localisation! Hooray! You can check out the complete patch notes in the ‘Change Notes’ tab

Ante Rebellion is a total overhaul alternative history mod for Hearts of Iron 4, made by a small group of internet friends for fun and to share our love of history and video games. AR’s timeline diverges from ours in 1905, where the Russian-Japanese war destabilizes the Russian empire into a civil war that eventually causes the total collapse of the Tsardom.

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Highlights of this timeline include:
•A cold-war conflict between a young Soviet-Republic lead by Trotsky and a sprawling Japanese empire lead by an increasingly liberal Diet.
•A global war in the late 1910s making Germany the dominant power in Europe
•A colonial race between Germany and Britain threatening to destabilize the British empire from over-extension
•A fragmented China torn apart by various warlords vying for control of the Republic.
•A massive red scare throughout the United States, leading to a decade of internal strife and a devastating war.
•A social-economic collapse of the established old order leading to a wave of radicalism throughout the world

Will the old order manage to hold off against the tides of populism and dissent? Or will the onslaught of change wash over the entire world in a burst of fire and blood?

Planned Features for version 0.1:
-Hundreds of new events with diverging interactive paths
-Focus trees for several majors
-Complex event trees for many nations
-Dynamic wars and global conflicts
-Enhanced internal politics mechanic
-New soundtrack full of period pieces

Planned features for future releases:
-Hundreds more events and branching paths for all nations
-Focus trees for most nations with many diverging paths
-An overhauled internal politics and ministers system
-Graphics overhaul
And more!

All development on the mod takes place in our discord server

Developers: Aarn, HappyNTH, Koach, Markush, MonarchistKaiser, Dinu, Bjorn, Ash

Contributers: God Emperor, annoyinglfyingthing, Sinko-Zimo, Ceftist Luck, dskod1, Mental Wizard, NeoXenocide, psycho0445, sepher_bass, superuser, sp3cd, Ulfrik Von Norwegen

Special thanks to LukyLucaz for helping with the map

Original idea by Firefly