-The Road to 56 Submod: Peahead’s Name Changes

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Author: peahead
Last revision: 8 Nov at 12:51 2017 UTC


Version for the Base Game: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1107480703

This mod currently renames pretty much all countries with all possible ideologies to be more official sounding. E.g Sweden has been renamed to Kingdom of Sweeden. United States has been renamed to United States of America.

Another thing in this mod is when a country is puppeted, it will have a different name depending on its master and its autonomy. E.g The British Raj is The Dominion of India when it’s a Dominion. Not all countries have been done.
Currently, The British Empire has a lot of countries renamed when they’re puppets, Germany has some additional ones too and so does the USSR.

The Road to 56 also adds a bunch of new puppet names too.

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