Enhanced Ideologies (Updated for 1.5.1!)

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Author: Gaegee
Last revision: 16 Mar at 19:32 UTC


Now For 1.5 Cornflakes!

Have you ever wanted to puppet a country while playing as a Neutral country, like Yugoslavia? Have you ever wanted to justify a Wargoal as a democratic nation? Then this is the mod for you!

This mod improves how justifying works without actually breaking the game. You still get a sense of immersion and balance and some more fun!

This mod lets you…
– Puppet nations as a Neutral country
– Justify Wargoals as a Neutral country (At 10% World Tension)
– Boost countries Neutral
– Puppet nations as a Democratic nation
– Justify Wargoals as a Democratic Nation (At 20% World Tension)

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This mod is not trying to replace or harm the "Everyone Wars" mod, just attempting to improve upon the base game.

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