Soviet Union 1933

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Author: anty2
Last revision: 16 Jul at 13:25 2018 UTC


Mod Soviet Union 1933 (100% in Russian)
Mod Soviet Union 1933 – a global modification of the game HoI IV, carrying the action three years earlier and cardinally changing all aspects of the game, based on historically accurate data.
Mod significantly complicates the game and is not intended for someone who only waits for an easy walk, it is for those who want to play historically accurately, thoughtfully and seriously.
The mod lasts from January 1, 1933 to December 31, 1950, but so far the behavior of AI, and therefore the mode is balanced until January 1, 1940. The readiness of fashion by countries is 90% of the USSR, Japan 90%, Italy 90%, China 90%, Britain and dominions 90 %, other great powers 60%, small countries 50%.
This is a mod with detailed details of weapons, historical templates of divisions from 1933 to 1945 and reliable manning of weapons and equipment of each separate unit that is part of the division.
In the mod there are more than 500 types of land, sea and air forces, weapons and military equipment.
In mod, the principle of historical acquisition of armament and transport of many types of battalions is used, which determines the sum of the values of their attack and defense
Here are the requirements for the manning of one infantry battalion in the division:
rifles = 250
steel helmets = 250
bayonet-knives = 250
pistols = 250
submachine guns = 50
cartage transport = 50
infantry artillery = 2
machine guns = 20
light machine guns = 30
manual PTO = 10
light mortars = 4
In mod, the principle of compound weapons of the battalion is also extended to armored vehicles, the tank requires a tank turret with a cannon and tank conventional and heavy machine guns.
Large-caliber tank machine guns, light, medium, heavy, super-heavy tank turrets with guns, cuttings with guns, pto towers and tank machine guns were introduced. The player is given the opportunity to solve guns and machine guns of what caliber to complete his armor.
Simply removing or vice versa putting, by a tick a tick in the menu of the used equipment and weapons in the division pattern on the required type of weapons, the player increases or decreases the characteristics of the tanks that make up the division, which changes the general attack values and TP. division.
It is also possible to deal with machine guns with infantry battalions used, to replace heavy machine guns with large-caliber ones.
In mod, much time is devoted to bifurcation points for leading countries.
Each great power has at least one date before 1939, with which it is possible the beginning of several historical and alternative forks. For example, the main fork in Germany – Elections in March 1933, a player can lead to the power of any of the 4 main political parties and accordingly change the ideology, political system, flag, and the name of the country, AI also can, but in a lesser percentage probability and basically only when the mode of historical development of the game is switched off. Additional forks in Germany – The night of long knives in Germany, Hitler can lose to Ryom, and two conspiracies of generals, where it is possible to remove the Nazis from power before the war begins.
In France, the main fork was the Fascist putsch of February 1934.
In the USSR – Congress of winners in the USSR in February 1934.
In the United States – presidential elections in November 1936 and 1940.
In Japan – Conspiracy of the divine soldiers in July 1933.
In Italy – the introduction of a corporate state in November 1933.
In Great Britain – the renunciation of King Edward VIII in December 1936 and the Parliamentary elections of 1935.
In China – the Great March 1934-1936. The fashion shows how Japan, using the weakness of China and with the connivance of the government, Chiang Kai-shek gradually rejected the Northwest provinces of China. The player can Repeat the Great March of the Chinese Communists’ army from southern China through hard-to-reach mountainous areas to Yan’an District of Shaanxi Province or try to win a civil war. If the PRC wins, then Japan will not dare to attack a single and powerful China.
The events in mod are over 1500, including hidden ones for the player. For example, the beginning of civil and conventional wars, military operations during the war, the appearance of historical divisions with 10% bundling, the launching of large ships, the ancestors of the series and the like.
Detailed description of mod and training videos: