Ragnarok: 1939

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TL;DR Germany vs the World. Build up your army quick.
Also available: Ragnarok: 1937

Enjoy playing as Germany, but finding the difficulty lacking? Looking for a more even contest? Then Ragnarok might be just what you’re looking for.

Some mods aim to increase difficulty by trying to make the AI smarter or giving it large bonuses, others by slapping the player with harsh penalties. Ragnarok takes a different approach. By making a few subtle diplomatic adjustments, the German player should get the challenge they’ve been craving.

You might want to man your borders.
ALL your borders.


Intended only for the 1936 scenario, whilst playing as the German Reich.

Recommended settings
Difficulty: for the 1937 scenario, Recruit is a good idea, at least for your first playthrough; for the 1939 scenario, Regular difficulty is recommended
Ironman Mode – disabled: ironman deactivates the console, which can come in handy if you encounter any issues.
Historical AI Focuses – enabled: reduces the chance of inadvertently starting the world war early.
Ragnarok: 1937 is harder than the 1939 scenario, and has some extra options available for tailoring difficulty.

You have one year (Ragnarok: 1937) or three years (Ragnarok: 1939) to prepare, use them wisely.

Getting into a war with anyone starts the world war prematurely.
(Ragnarok: 1937 only – ‘First Vienna Award’ and ‘First Ljubljana Award’ are off limits. Beginning work on either of these national focuses will also trigger an early world war.)

In battles, the amount of combat width available has been expanded significantly: base 231 (previously 80), plus 83 (previously 40) per additional attacking province.

For a WWII simulator, HoI4 is quite slow when it comes to getting a proper world war started. As each successive country joins the Allies, it takes more and more CPU time, probably due to the need to grant all the other members of the alliance military access. Hence the the start of the war is handled via a multi-stage event, with more countries joining each time. In all, it can take a minute or more of CPU time to finish. This process only has to be completed once though, and after that it doesn’t seem to have any effect on save and load times.
Additionally, it’s best not to create Vichy France or to stage coups, as the job of creating a new country will take another minute or so of CPU time.


It’s best to spend the first few minutes of the game deciding on one’s long-term strategy. Where will you attack first, where are you going to defend, and what will you abandon? Pay close attention to terrain and rivers, as defending in open plains will prove difficult.

Aside from the ‘Treaty with the USSR’, you probably don’t want to be wasting time with national focuses that befriend other countries. Only puppets will remain loyal after the outbreak of war.

It’s probably a good idea to save up some political power for when the war starts, lest you get stuck on undesirable trade/mobilization laws.


Most mods should work with Ragnarok. My philosophy when creating this mod was to avoid making alterations to the base game and instead use events. Mods that change tech names or replace national focus trees for European countries might still cause issues, however, since events in Ragnarok refer to specific ones.

Mods like Expert AI or no a.i. unit spam are available if you are unhappy with the quality or quantity of units produced by the AI in base HoI4.


The game will likely be a little sluggish during the first month or so of the war as the AI moves a large number of divisions around. As noted above in the Important Information section, there will also be extremely long pauses for CPU-intensive work when the world unites and joins the war, but also if new countries are created later.

For those who get repeated crashes after the diplomatic conference event but before the war begins, try bringing up the console with the tilde (~) key, usually located beside the ‘1’ key in the top left of your keyboard, and then type
event ragnarok.100
and press Enter. This will activate an event that will have countries make peace and certain ones join the Allies all at once, rather than spread out over the course of a game week as would normally occur.

If you are experiencing crashes at other times, it may be because of a mod that adjusts the names of techs. Try disabling any other mods and see if that resolves the issue.

If AI divisions are experiencing widespread supply shortages on all your fronts (probably due to other mods), you can grant them an additional reduction to their supply needs. Bring up the console with the tilde (~) key, and then type
event ragnarok.120
and press Enter. You will then be prompted for the size of the bonus to give the AI. This bonus can be changed or removed entirely at any time simply by firing the event again.


[char limit reached, older notes removed]

-completely revamped; first major update to mod since HoI4 v1.0
-forts re-enabled, combat width increased substantially
-proper event at start for granting Germany bonuses
-moved some stuff previously in events into decisions
-difficulty increased for 1937 scenario
-synthetic plant events removed
-trimmed a lot of AI bonuses as they were meant more for HoI4 v1.0
-events/ideas/etc. now display text when playing with non-English languages; mostly not translated though
-resolved some issues with Treaty with the USSR focus if not finished prior to the war
-some text revisions
-minor balance changes
-1939 scenario: blocked Japan from going to war with China, as white peaces aren’t being properly saved in HoI4 1.5.0
-updated for 1.5.1; added some cancel_triggers for decisions
-1939 scenario: Japan will invade China again, as white peaces are saved properly in HoI4 v1.5.1
-civil wars should be a lot less likely
-added Road to 56 mod compatability
-should function better if there are human players controlling countries other than Germany
-a few balance adjustments in 1937 scenario due to MEFO changes
-tweaks to political decisions due to map changes
-Road to 56 compatibility: some decisions that are unnecessary were being shown
-Road to 56 compatibility: potential Japan-China issues resolved
-added Operation Overhaul compatibility option
-Road to 56 compatibility: bug with China remaining in a civil war even though ostensibily at peace should now be circumvented
-added event asking player-controlled countries that aren’t Germany which side they want to join in the war
-Road to 56 compatibility: resolved issue with Chinese ‘Demand Taiwan’ national focus