A Kaiserreich Imperial German Reskin

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Authors: 1stEPI Gunny, イアン uzo70, Shermanator-87
Last revision: 10 Nov at 22:57 2017 UTC


New Imperial German skins for the German Empire This was designed with Kaiserreich in mind and includes Imperial skins for number of Germany’s vassal nations as well as its colonial possessions. Kaiserreich is not necessarily required, however, and this mod can also serve as an alternative for Imperial themed German uniforms.

Note that you need Together for Victory for the Mittelafrika skins ONLY. The German skins will work without the DLC, and will also work with Vanilla.

Countries affected:


Germany’s skins have been modified to have a more Imperial German theme. Helmets use the camouflage more associate with Imperial Germany, the uniforms have a red trim, and so on. It is furthermore based on the M36 German uniform with Feldgrau tunic and Steingrau trousers.

German Gebirgs troops also receive a slightly different uniform than the infantry, the main difference being breast pockets, different collar tabs, and shoulder facings.

German Paratroopers receive a makeover, with new uniforms based upon Imperial German Jaeger uniforms.

Germany’s Marines have also received an upgrade, getting fancy new dunkelblau uniforms based on the Seebataillon.

Lithuania and White Ruthenia

Received the same skins as Germany

Mittelafrika/German African Possessions

Received overhaul of uniforms to make them more colonial utilizing Together for Victory models.

Infantry is made up of African Askari wearing Pith helmets.

Cavalry is made up of white settlers wearing slouch hats.

Made by uzo70 on commission. Uploaded for the masses.