Kaiserreich Österreich

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Author: The Captain
Last revision: 18 Nov at 18:13 2017 UTC


This is the first mod that I have created, and, therefore, it may have issues. Any suggestions, bug reports, proposed fixes, or general constructive commentary is greatly appreciated.
This mod uses assets and files from the main Kaiserreich mod. I take no credit for, and attempt to assert no ownership over, those assets or files. They belong to the Kaiserreich team, to whom I would like to extend great thanks for the excellent work that they have created.

The purpose of this submod is to give additional options to Austria for how to progress in the game, via event chains and some minor alteration / addition to the national focus tree. It will add a path to go Syndicalist and join the Third International, and a different path to go National Populist and cause chaos and strife to other nations. There will also be minor events to allow for the possibility of the Commune of France to not be the only nation to have German minor states as puppets if the Third International defeats the German Empire; such options will have internal incentives. These features will be added, potentially added to, and updated over time, as allowed by time and motivation.

Version History:
1.0: Event sequence to become Syndicalist Danubian Federation and join Third International implemented. Possibility for fragmented German States to be distributed if the Third International defeats the German Empire implemented. Minor National Focus alterations and addition implemented.
1.1: Minor bug fixes and alterations.
1.2: Minor bug fixes. A handful of new events added, involving the status of any German puppet nations in potential counter-revolution against Syndicalists in Austria.
1.3: Minor event alterations.
1.4: Fixed a typo.
1.5: Altered event MTTH script to improve optimization.
1.6: Preliminary update for new KR version.

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