Kaiserreich Russian Music

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Author: Peacekeeper
Last revision: 9 Oct at 11:20 2017 UTC


It seemed to me a poor set of songs for Russia and I decided to add a little.
Added composition for the left and right political trends, as well as Cossacks.

Now looks like a list:

# All
"Amur Waves"
"Farewell to Slavianka"
"Swan Lake Waltz"
"Dance of the Swans"
"Dance of the Knights"
"Rifle March"
"Soldier’s Dance"
"Ah, Nastazja"
"Young Konohon"
"On a Dusty Road"
"Fried chicken (Yes, it’s really the name of the song)"
"Orenburg Shawl"
"You, Russia, my"

# Right wing
"March of the Alekseev Regiment"
"March of the Markov Regiment"
"March of the Kornilov Shock Regiment"
"March of the Drozdovsky Regiment"
"Rise up for Faith, Russian land!"
"General-March of the Russian Cavalry"
"Together, cadets, close range"
"If glorious is our God in Zion"
"Rejoice, Moscow! In Paris Ross"
"March of the Pavlovsk Military College"
"Many years, the Holy Russian Tsar"
"The battle of Poltava"
"Russian Ura!"
"Glory, glory, our Russian Tsar"
"You came back, Blagorodny"
"Hey, Slavs"
"What songs"

# Left wing
"We Are The Red Cavalry"
"The Worker’s Marseillaise"
"White Army, Black Baron"
"Bolshevik leaves home"
"Warsawjanka" (Warsaw Song)"
"Capital oppresses us"
"Shli soldaty (There march the soldiers)"
"Petersburg Strike"
"If tomorrow start the war…"
"Red Navy"
"We boldly go into battle for Soviet Power"
"Song of the Izhevsk division"
"Song of Shchors"
"On Russia the rumor went"
"Commander Frunze"
"Farewell Komsomol"
"Boldly, comrades, in the leg"

# Kossacks
"Kossack Song"
"Kossack’s Dance"
"Vot polk poshel"
"Oj-sya ty oj-sya"
"Oj na gori ta jzhenci zhnut"
"Not for me"
"Kogda my byli na vojne…"
"Kazackomu rodu nema perevodu"
"Kak na gorke na krutoj"
"Hodyat koni nad rekoyu"
"Lyubo bratcy lyubo"