WW3 and Cold War Music

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Author: Skelsa
Last revision: 21 Mar at 06:08 2018 UTC



"WW3 and Cold War Music" should enhance any Cold War game, be it the vanilla lategame or with real Cold War mods, with several fitting soundtracks of some of the best World War 3 games ever made. You will also get new loading screens and historical quotes from that time period, so the loading times should be more pleasant.

  • 104 new songs from "East vs. West" , "World in Conflict + Soviet Assault", Defcon and one bonus soundtrack
  • Replaced every loading screen
  • Changed all 78 vanilla quotes to be more Cold War related; 20 quotes are from "World in Conflict" while the rest is from our time.
  • Adjusted the conditions for every song, i.e. communist songs will mostly play for communist countries and quiet songs will rather be played during peacetime.

This mod is compatible with EVERYTHING, even other music mods. Though the quotes and loading screens can be overwritten or overwrite the ones of other mods, there should be NO case of a crash.

Concerning Ironman and achievements, "WW3/CW Music" should work without any issues.


Feel free to ask in the comments, be it suggestions or complaints/bug reports. Please note that adding more songs is possible but since "WW3/CW Music" already has 104 new songs I would rather wait and evaluate new OSTs.

Please note that "Weighted Shuffle" has to be enabled to restrict certain songs for certain idelogies and the current war/peace situation (see the last bullet point of "Contents"). It’s activated by default and its icon shows a music note and a flag.

If you don’t want certain songs to play, there’s always the possibility to deactivate them with a red "x" . Since most songs are restricted to communism and democracy, playing as a fascist or a neutral nation won’t give you many songs…

Conquering the world is now 20% more easier…