Viva Venezuela

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Author: Comnyandooooo
Last revision: 14 Nov at 23:21 2017 UTC


Hello There!

This mod adds a solid focus tree to a nation that in my opinion was an excellent candidate to recieve one as a minor nation.

This mod includes a fully fleshed out focus tree for Venezuela with 105 focuses to keep you busy so you don’t just end up going down one path that’s super OP like most of the current majors in game. My focus when making this tree was replayability, so I gave different bonuses to each ideology and made each path quite long so that you can play in different ways depending on which path you choose. There is even a non-aligned path that isn’t super-gimped wo you can live out your dreams as a Businessman/Warmonger (see link at bottom for appropriate soundtrack for non-aligned).

There are a multitute of political paths to follow. I’ll outline the basic premise of each path below:

Facist: Focused on giving buffs to the army attack, defense, and overall fighting power. Also the ‘Gran Colombia’ path.

Communist: Gives bonuses to recruitable manpower and research with an extra research slot only avaliable in this tree.

Non-Aligned: Become a businessman and defeat your enemies with hostile takeovers and capitalist monies.

Democratic: Crazy boosts to construction and oil production. Probably the most historical.

Overall though, the mod does NOT aim to be historically accurate, only to be historically PLAUSIBLE and FUN. So feel free to suggest historical improvements but don’t expect a super historical experice.

Apropriate Soundtrack for playing non-aligned in this mod: (Business Man Song)