Anarcho-Communist Republic of Intermarium

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Authors: mol, hubgro
Last revision: 27 Oct at 10:57 2017 UTC


Anarcho-Communist Republic of Intermarium.
An alternative history mod for 1936 start.
Game version 1.4.2.
Languages: English (full), Polish (incomplete, sorry)
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The story:
In 1919 Rosa Luksemburg survives the failed Spartacist Uprising in Berlin and escapes to Poland with a group of progressive communists and anarchists to start a political movement.

Poland loses the 1920 war with communist Russia and the revolution marches on to the West. Germany stops it thanks to the support of great world powers and the war ends in a white peace in 1922.

Tired communist empire is unable to keep direct control of all of their territory. Soviet Union loses Eastern Ukraine to an anarchist uprising led by Nestor Makhno, who proclaims the Free Republic of Wild Fields (FRWF). Polish Communist Republic (PCR) led by Rosa Luksemburg and Socialist Republic of Western Ukraine (SRWU) gain independence, but stay in Comintern.

In 1924 Stalin becomes the leader of the Soviet Union, but is still unable to regain full control over Poland and Ukraine. A period of relative peace begins. While he consolidates his power in USSR, the influence of anarchist syndicalism strengthens in PCR and FRWF, and fascists rise to power in Italy and Germany.

It’s 1936 and Polish Communist Republic is to make a major decision that may not only influence the region, but the world…

– Map with two new Ukrainian countries and communist Poland
– For Our Freedom and Yours – a new political section of the Polish focus tree with 33 new focuses divided into 3 main branches:
— Intermarium – a branch leading to the creation of Anarcho-Communist Republic of Intermarium that stands against both fascism and the Soviet Union’s stalinist vision of the world
— Little Sister to Big Brother – a branch (exclusive with Intermarium), leading to strengthening the ties with the Soviet Union
— Permanent Revolution – a branch leading to supporting revolutionary movements in Europe, Africa and the Middle East
– New advisors, designers and concerns – many with unique skills, most with dedicated portraits and logos
– Other GFX – leader portraits, focus icons, flags
– 1936 bookmark features all the introduced countries as interesting choices

To be added:
– Events after important focus decisions for Poland (e.g. after creating a new faction)
– Events and decisions for other countries influenced by the new Polish tree (e.g. ability to say no to incorporation)
– More fleshed out SRWU and FRWF countries (more characters and details)
– More characters for Poland (especially military staff)
– Modified existing world events to include the new map and characters (e.g. Leon Trotsky, who can become a Polish advisor in the mod, is not yet influenced by his events from vanilla, but will be)
– Modified Soviet and German focus trees and events that take into consideration mod’s alternative map and politics
– More GFX (focus tree, characters, national spirit icons, etc.)

Hubert Gromny – idea, alternative history, gfx
Łukasz Pleśniarowicz – modding, design, alternative history
Jan Sowa – alternative history, design
Krzysztof Wolański – alternative history, design