The Aftermath

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Author: The Kaiser
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The Kaiser’s: The Aftermath- The Axis Victorious

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It is New Year’s Day, 1946. After more than 6 years of constant and devastating warfare throughout the whole of the European continent and the Orient that reached an unprecedented scale of ferocity and reach, a new order has risen out of the ashes of the conflict. The world now spins on a new Axis, dominated by the triumphant superpowers of the German Reich, Italian Empire, and the Empire of Japan. The Soviet Union has been all but decimated, with German control over its territory expanding all the way to the Ural mountains with tens of millions of its citizens and military personnel either trapped within the tight grip of the Greater German Reich, or forced eastward to regroup and establish defensive positions on the other side of the Urals in the hope of regaining enough strength to launch a counteroffensive, but this seems increasingly unlikely by the day.

Meanwhile in Western Europe, the once mighty British Empire has withered away, exhausted by many years of conflict which had strained Imperial recourses beyond anything remotely sustainable. With more and more of the Empire’s colonies either entering a state of mutiny, or falling under enemy control, and the people living in the British mainland continuing to go hungry and cope with the realities of losing their loved one’s fighting a hopeless war, dissent proved inevitable. Despite these circumstances however, the stubborn "Bulldog of Britain", Prime Minister Winston Churchill utterly refused any form of surrender or concession. This led to open revolts throughout Great Britain, eventually leading to a successful assassination plot against Churchill in mid-1945. His successor, Deputy Prime Minister Clement Atlee, took over as PM, his first order of business was seeking peace terms with the Axis Powers…Albeit with heavy consequences…

Far eastward in the Orient, seemingly the whole of Asia fell under the domination of the vast Japanese Empire. All European colonial influence had collapsed under the weight of the Japanese Imperial Army as they swept through the continent, conquering all whom stood in their path. The embargo against the Empire resulted in a series of logistical complications for Imperial forces as they were forced toward an incredibly strict policy of fuel rationing until 1943, when large deposits of oil were discovered in the Dutch East Indies which had fallen under Japanese control. Now with the oil crisis resolved to some extent, the Emperor decided it would be in his Empire’s best interest toward allocating all military efforts toward Asia exclusively, rejecting pre-established military operations against the United States and instead remaining neutral with the so-called "Sleeping Giant". This neutrality sparked much outrage amongst many Japanese military leaders, fearing a U.S.-controlled Philippines poses a direct threat to Imperial dominance in the region, and may prove fatal in the future if the United States decides to engage the Japanese, potentially using the Philippines as a launching ground for American forces. Regardless, the Emperor’s decision superseded the desires of these generals.

In the Mediterranean, The Duce’s dreams of forging a new Roman Empire had been finally realized. His military campaigns in North Africa against Allied colonial forces proved successful, at least when Italian fortunes turned around following the arrival of the famed German ‘Afrika Korps’ led by legendary Field Marshal, Erwin Rommel. By 1944, the Suez Canal in Egypt, a vital access point for Allied supply lines, had finally fallen to Italian and German forces thus cutting off Allied forces from vital supplies, forcing them to surrender. In this same year, Italian soldiers (aided by German air & armor support) crossed into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia after its Axis-aligned King Peter was overthrown. By spring of 1944, Mussolini’s ego proved fatal as nearly 100 thousand Italian military personnel were devastated during multiple failed offensives into Greece, forcing the Duce to turn to Adolf Hitler for backup. German divisions were pulled from the Eastern Front to assist, with multiple divisions comprised of the elite Fallschirmjäger paratroopers dropped behind Greek lines, eventually leading the capture of Athens and subsequent capitulation of Greece.

Meanwhile in what remains of the U.S.S.R. desperately holds on for survival with all of its territory west of the Ural Mountains under the harsh authority of the Reichskommissariat Moskowien administrative government, directly governed by the notorious head of the SS Heinrich Himmler whose policies have proven to be merciless and brutal. Many millions of Soviet Citizens lie at the mercy of their occupiers, with countless numbers enslaved or imprisoned by the SS and utilized for slave labor, or depending on specific characteristics; subject to immediate execution. Stalin continues as the leader of what remains of the Motherland and hopes to one day retake Moscow, believing that nurturing a large-scale uprising in the Reichskommissariat may provide a perfect opportunity to launch his counteroffensive.

Now at the beginning of 1946, tensions continue to boil between the former Axis powers that have since split, forming their own alliances. Each power has their own ambitions and visions for the future of the world, and many suggest that they won’t hesitate to step on anyone who gets in their way. Will Europe finally find peace? Or will it fall to the mercy of another World War?…

[Note from the Creator: The original founder of this mod is TPW. I have been working alongside him on its development for some time now, however he has recently decided to make the brave move to serve his country in the military and has bestowed the continued development of this project on me. Much work lies ahead for me and I intend on releasing rich, quality content (via updates). This will indeed take time and effort so I ask you all for your patience and understanding in the meantime. I am planning big content releases which include new events, focus trees, and unit models. If anybody has interest in aiding in this project’s development feel free to message me. I’d love for bright and brilliant minds and modders to share their talents with me on The Aftermath. I am excited to forge a fantastic experience for you all. Thank you, and most importantly thanks to the original developer of this mod TPW for allowing me to keep his work alive.]

-The Kaiser