Project FLAGS [The Road to 56]

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Author: Abbus
Last revision: 24 Sep at 17:12 UTC


All of the "The Road to 56" flags revisited.

– Offensive symbol which include Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Militarism, Religious, Third Positionism, Falangismo and Extremism.

– Non-historical accurate but I’ll try to stick to it

– All of the flag were:
– Google references / re-size
– Personally crafted

If you enable but you did not see flag changed, it should be a load order problem.

DocumentsParadox InteractiveHearts of Iron IVmodugc_1244840811.mod
name="Project FLAGS [The Road to 56]"
change into
name="–Project FLAGS [The Road to 56]"

If someflag were not showing, please subscribe to both PF and PF 1956.
Then delete file "flag" under Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/394360/820260968/

Any suggestion, request, feedback and bug report were more than welcome.


Please feel free to use / edit for your own mod, just credit "Abbus @ Project FLAGS"


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