Patriotic Music and National Anthems

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Author: Astrikós
Last revision: 10 Dec at 16:25 2017 UTC


I lost my files for the mod, so no further edits can be made 🙁

Compatible with Kaiserreich, Millenium Dawn et cetera.

Adds patriotic songs and National anthems from around the world at this time to the music playlist of the game. Replaces default songs.

Current songs:

I Vow To Thee

Erika (German March)

Rule Britannia

I Vow To Thee – War

Deutschland Uber Alles

Fahnen Wehen

National Anthem of Europe – An Ode to Joy

La Marseillaise


Scotland The Brave

Star Spangled Banner

National Anthem of the USSR

Prussian Glory


God Save The Queen


More to be added in the near future!