A Pacifican Dream – A Kaiserreich submod

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Authors: History21, Otto von Bismarck, Logandp7
Last revision: 4 Feb at 16:49 UTC



California Here I come!

Have you ever played the PSA and wished you had more troops? Maybe you realized that the AI is able to get Nevada and Idaho, but you can’t. You may have even noticed that WALT DISNEY is an option for economic minister, but not for president or dictator.

This mod adds additional flavor to the Pacific States as well as making some other changes to make the PSA more fun to play.

Currently, this mod changes the following:

-The PSA starts with Nevada and Idaho!

-Replaces Howard Hughes with Walt Disney and Clarence D. Martin with Amelia Earhart in the elections!

-Can choose to give all power to Disney, making him a benevolent visionary!

-Re-introduces the treaty of Sacramento event!

-Changes the focus tree to contain expansion focuses!

-Most all of the starting divisions are given nicknames similar to some US divisions

-Added a new ‘Police Department’ division template

-Changed some of the spawning locations for the drafted divisions

-Added a couple of units to the draft

-Makes Japan Almost always accepts you into the Co-Prosperity Sphere


Planed changes:

-Adding new events

-More secret surprises


This is my first HOI4 mod, so please be patient if I take time fixing bugs.

Constructive criticism is welcomed and requests for changes will be considered.

I welcome anyone who wants to work with me or has something to add to message me, you will get full credit.

Special thank you to Logandp7 for allowing me to use his spectacular Disney portraits!

Thank you to Reddit user LivingRaccoon for the idea of adding Amelia Earhart!

Shout out to Easter egg hunters Ernst Junger and That-Guy For discovering the Swiss Melonpan Easter egg!

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