Legacy of Aceira

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Authors: [GSR] Acedia, Undead Unicorn, freaky, Zaibatsu 「財閥」
Last revision: 28 Apr at 09:31 UTC


Welcome to Legacy of Aceira

What were if the World as we know it dont exist, that Scenario is approached in this mod.
This mod features a whole new Alternative History with Storylines, new Countries and much more.

Update 0.04 "Fight for Independence" Patchnotes:
Features that got added:
Added Focus Tree´s for Jian, Arcadia, Shan, RFF and Teiko
Added News Events
Added the following Nations Cheuria, Manzhou, Ostgotha, Hashizawa, Rusmain and Braedal, Srabehr, Agraria, Orda, Jagters, Wunkana, Wakala, Tribal Confederation and Wulakala
Added Formable Nations of Greater Partha, Andes-Terran Commonwealth, Empire of Africa and Xanti Imperium
Added Flags for Cheuria, Commonwealth, Greater Partha, Greater Serbonien, Hai, Hashizawa, Jagters, Manzhou, Nanjou, Ostgotha, Partha, Panthonien, Patria, Rusmain and Braedal, Shishunaga, Srabehr, Tribal Confederation, Walaka, Wunkana, Xanti Imperium
Added Historical AI for Koheiwa and Arcadia
Added Choosable Ideas for every Nation

Changed Features:
Army Reorganised for Arcadia, Shan, Jian, RFF and Teiko
Restructured 1928 Bookmark

Fixed Tirajid Ispania Focus

Nations with Focus Tree´s:
Koheiwa, Tirajid, Londinium, Rus Union, Vladland, Terra Australis, Arcadia, Shan, Teiko, Jian, RFF and Miercurea

Contributers for this Update:
Undead Unicorn (Flags and Focus Trees)
Dr. Freaky (Flags)
Zaibatsu (Flags + Lore)
Pickoder (Lore for Serbonien)

You want to know the lore before playing the mod? No problem here is the link to our official Wiki