Legacy of Aceira

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Authors: Undead Unicorn, [GSR] Acedia, Zaibatsu 「財閥」, Dr. Freaky
Last revision: 26 Jul at 15:48 UTC


Welcome to Legacy of Aceira

What were if the World as we know it dont exist, that Scenario is approached in this mod.
This mod features a whole new Alternative History with Storylines, new Countries and much more.

Legacy of Aceira is an "alt-history" mod with no specific diverging point. It’s got a completely different history with completely different lore, backstories, etc. Many of the leaders are based off of real people and thus use their likeness but they are not those people (for example one of the German leaders uses Bismark’s likeness but is not him.)
There are already lots of countries with focus trees and the mod is absolutely in a playable state.
Discord server invite: https://discord.gg/je3CjZd

I can now proudly present all of you the next big update 0.05 "Pace eterna" which focus on the Italien Region. And man was it a long
journey from bugfixes over to delays to no internet everything wanted to stop the development of the update, but it is finished!
So for all of you I really hope you enjoy playing with some of the new FT nations or just read through the new lore in the wiki.

– Acedia

Update 0.05 "Pace eterna" Patchnotes:
Features that got added:
Added Focus Tree for Gotha / Roma / Vencia / Omerlap (!Omerlap FT has no icons!)
Added some News Events
Added Military and Navy Leaders for Londinium
Added Military Leaders for Serbonien
Added National Spirit for Barcelonia
Added National Spirit for Valuria
Added National Spirit for Luxandia
Added National Spirit for Andraha
Added Wiki Online Browser
Added Discord Join Button
Added new Loadingbars
Added new Logo
Added new lore for Walonia
Added new lore for Barcelonia
Added news States near Xanti
Added news States near Southern Italy
Added The "Jungle War" Mechanic (comes tommorow)
Added AI for Jian / Shan / Roma / Gotha / Vencia / Omerlap
Added 3 Easter Eggs
Added Custom Difficulty Slider for Mod Countries (you can no longer boost a non existing Germany!)

Changed Features:
– The 4 New Leader Choices in the Terra Australis Tree now actually add the new leaders
– Sudetenland and Bohemia now have different border
– Slovakia now has different borders (Yes Ceskaland got a bit smaller)

Fixed Political Screen
Fixed FERR can now actually spawn
Fixed African Tribes Army Divisions
Fixed some Spelling Mistakes
Fixed some missing Bookmarks
Fixed Ghost Romania
Fixed Political Advisor Screen
Partially fixed Novingard (still WIP, it needs time…)

Nations with Focus Tree´s:
Koheiwa, Tirajid, Londinium, Rus Union, Vladland, Terra Australis, Arcadia, Shan, Teiko, Jian, RFF, Miercurea, Roma, Gotha, Vencia, JDM and Omerlap

Contributers for this Update:
Undead Unicorn (Flags and Focus Trees)
Dr. Freaky (Flags)
Zaibatsu (Flags + Lore)
Pickoder (Lore for Serbonien)

You want to know the lore before playing the mod? No problem here is the link to our official Wiki