Legacy of Aceira

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Author: [GSR] Acedia
Last revision: 16 Feb at 21:45 UTC


Welcome to Legacy of Aceira

What were if the World as we know it dont exist, that Scenario is approached in this mod.
This mod features a whole new Alternative History with Storylines, new Countries and much more.

Features present in Version 0.02 "Viva la Revolution" :

  • An Alternate History scenario
  • Reworked Europe with new Countries
  • Over 20 new Countries with their own History (WIP)
  • Many new Events that will occur when you play
  • Completely new Focus TreeĀ“s (Koheiwa | Rus Union | Londinium | Miercurea)
  • New Country Flags and Leader for every Country
  • National Character
  • and much more!

Planned features:

  • Focus Trees for every big Nation and some smaller ones
  • Overhauled technology tree with some new ones
  • New equipment and unit types
  • Rework of Asia | Africa | Americas
  • More events

Plans for the Feature:
Because i work alone on this Project, so there wont be
massive Updates every week, but i will try to atleast to bring 1 Major Update per 1 and 1/2 month.
So stay tunned and watch as this mod will progress more and more in the Feature.

Changelog in Update 0.02 – "Viva la Revolution"

  • Major Changes:
  • Added Flags for Rus Union | Vladland | Londinium | Roma | Nowingard | Arcadia
  • Focus Tree for Koheiwa reworked
  • Added Events for Koheiwa
  • Whole Army | Navy | Air got changed and the later two were added. Generals
  • Advisors were added for Koheiwa
  • Brink of Destruction Idea got added.
  • Minor Changes:
  • Every country now has the fighter, artillery and basic navy technology researched.
  • Changed some values in the "National Charachter" tab.
  • Changed how long some focuses needed.
  • The Netherlands do not control some territory anymore in South America
  • Added a name to the big white blob in Sibiria
  • Tweeked the generic focus tree a bit.
  • Miercurea now has a leader with portrait
  • Anti Division Spam
  • Reorganized Armies in every playable Nation.
  • Fixed some nonfunctional Bugs in some Events.
  • Reorganized the Event Chain for Koheiwa / Anschluss.

Known Bugs:

  • When Playing as a Nation without an starting Army, Factories will not be updated
  • The Flag of the Nation is changing to other countries flags.
  • Many Nations dont have any optional Political Advisor aswell as other Political Options such as Military Advisor.
  • All Army Divisions are called Royal Guard -> This will later be fixes.

Check out Reddit or Discord for the complete updatelog

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One last thing if anyone has a idea or a Bug that you found then PN me or write an Comment
i would appreciate it.

Thanks for reading, and i hope you enjoy the Legacy of Aceira Mod!