Burma – Kaba Ma Kyei

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Author: Chewy Yui
Last revision: 8 Jan at 21:32 2017 UTC



This mod adds Burma to the game, spawning via event in 1937.

I’ve added a lot of unique GFX for Burma, both for leaders and advisors, as well as some tech companies. I’ll be adding more eventually and improving the existing is a long term goal.

Burma is playable from 1939 start date, or from loading in as the United Kingdom and playing until April 1937, when the event will spawn to split Burma away from the British Raj – You can choose to play as Burma from this point.

Burma’s provinces have been given a bit of a buff to the resources, to better reflect their actual output and make them more significant to them game and the war in the east.

This may be compatible with mods that change England and India, but probably isn’t recommended as it might break stuff.


Burma split from India in 1937 (playable from England)
Burma playable from 1939
Coloured Portraits
Some events

Planned features:

Compatibility with Vanilla+
More GFX
Improvements to existing GFX
Some more flavour stuff
More advisors

Unplanned features:

National Focus tree

If anyone wants to include this mod, or parts of it, in to their own, please inform me and credit me somewhere. My hope is that Paradox will add Burma to the game and make this mod mostly obselete.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, or want to tell me how cool this mod is, let me know! Also, if you are a GFX wiz and want to help with portraits, please contact me 🙂

This is my first substantial mod, and I’ve put a lot of work and time in to it, so I hope you enjoy!