Rocket Animation Fix

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Author: Asier
Last revision: 6 Dec at 18:33 2017 UTC


The first mod to fix the Eternal fly bug of rockets animations.

BUT…what this mod really do?

-This mod fixes Rocket animations so it dissapears after hitting a target instead of just fly over the province forever so no more ethernal rockets floating around for years. (it plays a hit animation to the ground and then dissapears).
-If you have already ethernal flying rockets on your save,im not sure if this will fix it for that save.

-Small note:
Sometimes when objetive distance is too short or there are multiple rockets flying, it may take a second for the rocket to delete.


Tested mods:
BICE (black ice ,the 3 addons) = Working fine.
Kaiserreich Mod = Worked fine.
Millenium dawn (alone) and with Reskin Mod = Working fine.

NOTE: this mod is already included on my big mod Shin-Ra Rising.

want to include this on your mod?

you are free to do it, just add me on credits for it.


before anyone ask for it, i tried adding a small explosion to the animation after hitting, was possible but generated another bug with a ethernal explosion effect so i decided to release it without it