Improved HoI IV

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Author: Sh1so
Last revision: 15 Mar at 13:51 UTC


Alpha Version 1.2.0


Do you want to do something better?
Do you think that vanilla limit you?
Do you want to do more than vanilla can ?

No Problem !

Welcome in my new mod that improve your live in this game. I know that vanilla is still unfinished so I want to complete dev’s task. My mod is for somone who want to do something historically, or not. Something crazy, or common. I want to give you choice how you can play in HoI IV…

So I backing to reality :

I want to balance game and do game more interesting, but still normal :p

So what this rarely modification have:

-New exclusive music for Germany and Soviet Union, United States & its brother in arms: United Kingdom,
-Normal names for countries (Free Yunnan Empire, rly ?!),
-New corrected states & provinces (to expand :3),
-New nations to release (Implemented gradually),
-New flags (planned),
-More victory points,
-More events.
-And more planned future stuff 😀

If you want to tell me what else I can do, pls write this to the

future features discussion.

Are you saw bugs or problems? Pls write it to

Bug/Problems discussion.

Of cource, if u can (you can!), please rate it thumb in up and add it to favourite 🙂

NOTE: This is alpha version of mod so pls wait for future info.

So gl and hf…