Say Cheese! Smiling Portraits

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Author: sb057 🔰
Last revision: 21 Mar at 22:14 UTC


Have you ever been playing your computer game which simulates the worst travesty in human history in which tens of millions of people died and thought to yourself, "gee, why is everyone so gloomy?" Well wonder no more! With this mod, everyone will have a nice and happy toothy grin on their face!

Ironman/Achievement & Multiplayer compatible!

Not compatible with any other mod that changes portraits, or loading screens. All DLC is supported but not required.

Version 1.4 for patch 1.5.1. Kaiserreich version coming some time after the release of 0.5.

If you spot a portrait that isn’t smiling, please let me know.

For full disclosure, 90%+ of the leader portraits (including all of the decent-looking ones) were just run through FaceApp.