Faction for Everyone

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Author: MisterDiego27
Last revision: 4 Nov at 17:25 2017 UTC


Hello there!

Today i release a small mod which allow for every country make own faction. Someone could ask why?
If you wanna play and Axis was fall, Japan make focus to join Axis. What then? Then you can use this mod and Japan can create own nation without focus!

Also mod works with other mods, like Kaiserreich, The Great War or Millenium Dawn. Where some countries can’t make own faction because doesn’t have own focus for that.

How it works?
-Open console by clicking "~"
-Write "event faction.1"
-Done! Huray!

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Languages Compatible:

And remember!

"A niechaj narodowie wżdy postronni znają, iż Polacy nie gęsi, iż swój język mają."