More Historically Accurate

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Author: Amadis
Last revision: 25 Feb at 01:44 2018 UTC


This is a simple mod I made in my spare time.

I added a few things to the base game in order to make playthroughs more historical, and though some errors might pop up here and there, from what I’ve tested, it is fine.

Here are the main changes :

-Added new provinces to better reflect historical conquests and ahistorical peace deals.
-Added the Reichkommissariats of Ostland, Ukraine, Caucasus, Moscow, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands.
-Added the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, as well as the General Government.
-Added historical alternatives to creating the Reichkommissariats, such as releasing nations.
-Added the Lokot Autonomy.
-Changed the invasion of Denmark to make it more historical.
-Fixed the Vichy event so you can now do a peace deal at the end of the war with them as Germany.
-Included an event that simulates the Italian surrender.
-Added the city of Danzig.
-Fixed the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact to cede the Suwalki triangle to Germany.
-Fixed the Croatian event so that Croatia becomes a puppet of Germany.
-Added events to ensure that Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Finland join the Axis when they should.
-Added Burma and events to release it as a puppet of Japan during the war.
-Reworked the AI peace deal of Japan with China.
-Added an event to cede the Japanese lands in China to China if China is a puppet of Japan.
-Added an event to cede Macao to China if China is a puppet of Japan.
-Reworked the Indochina focus so that it gives Japan puppets.
-Added an event for Japan to puppet the Philippines during the war.
-Added an event for Japan to create an Indian puppet state during the war.
-Added an event to cede Goa to the Indian puppet state of Japan.
-Added an event for the Golden Square coup in Iraq.

Update : I fixed the "Demand Slovenia" focus.