Colonization Mod 2

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Author: Commissar Zhopgrad
Last revision: 13 Feb at 23:40 2018 UTC


This mod is a re-upload of a mod called "Colonization", I have added a few adjustments and uploaded it because the original creator was not updating it and I had a few ideas for this mod.

Original Mod:

Changes from Original:
Ports added in some areas because AI won’t build ports

Possible Changes in the future:
Use of Sub mods to change what land is colonizable
Removal of Liberia and Ethiopia
Expansion of Colonies (Start off with just the coast and then expand)
Fixing the puppet system to kill border gore
Decisions from now Update

-This mod will probably work better with Together for Victory, I’d also recommend Colored Puppets and some mods that give you more flags for Colonies and stuff, if a mod messes with Africa or South America at all, this mod won’t work with it.

The option to start colonizing should be next to Economy law, events will take a while to happen though.

If you have any ideas, please post them in the comments.