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Author: ♠ ☠ ╬ Kurt Meyer ╬ ☠
Last revision: 15 Mar at 17:53 UTC


Hello Everyone , The New DLC Waking The Tiger Is Out now and it’s time for me to publish the new mods .

Wehrmacht Army :

In the mod you found : Totaly New Skin Camo Pack For All Vehiculs And Tank .

Totaly New Models 3D For All German Units.

Totaly New Models 3D For German Weapon.

IronMan 100% COMPATIBLE .
Skin Change Weather 100% COMPATIBLE

Update 1 Realesed : Added Marine Infantry models 3D and Skin

Added All German Infantry Normals ,Desert And Snow Skin

Update 2 Realesed : Added SS Division Icons Army (Realy Longs Works More icons Comming soon)

Fixed : Helmet Bug (Motorized Unit )

Update 3 Realesed : Added New Panzer Division Icons Army

Fixed : Black Squares (Not Totaly Fixed)

More News Comming Soon ( New Unlockable Division ) , ( New Unlockable Unit : Feldgendarmerie and more ) …

Bugs List : Black Cube : I Have tested one hours and nos bugs for me need more returns

Thx to report all bugs or problems….