Endsieg Restored

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Author: MisterJay
Last revision: 7 Mar at 22:27 2018 UTC


Remember those first days when you started playing Endsieg (or Gotterdammerung for that matter)? Well so did I. And what I remember was a whole lot of glitches. I made this mod to fix this problem. I have fixed a LOT of events, focuses and other things.

Updated things:
Unit templates updated
Peace deals improved
1918 PEACE DEAL NO LONGER FORCIBLY HAPPENS (unless over 70% capitulation on Germany)
Fixed 1918 reinforce rate to be really bad, not 0

New things incorporated:
2 focuses for Germany (dismantle Maginot and Atlantic wall)
Construction bonuses for factories and synthetic refineries (was previously not used)
Improved interfaces

Todo/Coming in the future:
Fixing more events
Supporting Waking the Tiger (adding decisions etc.)
Adding previous DLC support

If you have any errors in THIS mod (not the original Endsieg) please post on the suggestions tab. I intend to have this mod updated to fix every error or unfinished feature in the future.

I do not own any rights to the original Endsieg mod (nor does the Endsieg creator anyways) and I do not pretend to have it. I only want to make the original Endsieg good again.