World War 2 Simulation

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Authors: G.I. Quam, [BIG D.O.G] Ogima, [BIG D.O.G] Ogima, Sir General Lord Niles, [BIG D.O.G] Papa Joe Stalin, McMantis
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If you are interested in the Historical side of WW2 and want a more detailed feel of the conflict where a mod touches on several areas then this is the mod for you. A complete overhaul brought to you by many talented modders of the community. Don’t forget to check them out in the links below! 😉
Welcome to WWII Simulation Mod. Our current update / open Beta cycle is the first week of every month. Player Based feed back is the life blood of our mod so speak up if you have any concerns or issues in the Team Lead Discussion Areas. Thank you and have fun.

– More Historical Cities and VP of every country for more strategic assaults and defensive counterattacks!

– Historical Movement, Supply and Attrition. Plan your attacks accordingly!

– Updated Tech Tree with a few surprises along with more added in the future!

– Fortifications and other buildings are increased but costly, so use the resources and natural terrain available to you for a rugged defense!

– Use your army, airforce and navy to further your agenda! Now submarines are used more than before. Remember to escort your Battleships, Carriers and most important, your convoys!

– Updated Weather conditions for a more historical feel!

******ARMED FORCES OVERHAUL AND WORLD WAR 2 SIMULATION HAVE UNITED TOGETHER! We have the same VISION regarding HOI4 in making it as Historical and Realistic as possible just different perspectives in our direction. We will be using each other’s material so you might find some familar assets in each of our mods. I encourage our subscribers to check them out at ******

Since all these great individuals spent so much time making these awesome mods for the community, here is there recognition:

Colored Events –

Historical flags –

Hearts of Iron: New World Order –

Improved HUD (Topbar UI) –

More Victory Points and Province Names –

Battlesound – Sound Modification-

Arsenal Of Democracy – Focus Tree –

Full Zoom In –

HoI4: Partisan Mod –

Better gameplay – Resource Stockpile –

Scorched-earth defence –

Allied Construction Projects –

N1les HOI4 – UI mod –

AlgerianGeneral’s Blue Marble –

Realistic Planes Sizes 2.0 –

Realistic Buildings Sizes 2.0 –

Realistic Infantry Sizes 2.0 –

Realistic Tank Sizes 2.0 –

Support Company Expansion –

Expanded Resources –

Armed Forces Overhaul BETA (3.6) –

50 Construction Slots –

Casualties of War –

RPG Mode –

HOI4 – Texture Overhaul – Terrain –

Please feel free to join us on our Discord Server. WW2 Simulation Community –