Central Powers Restored

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Author: Ryan
Last revision: 11 Sep at 16:06 2018 UTC


Formerly German Empire Borders (And More!)

This MOD changes the map to allow for the restoration of the German Empire, Austria-Hungary and post-WW2 borders.

New States
Eupen-Malmedy, Northern Schleswig, Eastern Rhineland, Vilnius, Konigsberg, Nice, Togoland, Western Togoland, Cameroon, Western Cameroon, Ruanda-Urundi, New Guinea and southern Bucovina.

Focus Tree changes
"Carte Blanche for Alsace and French Colonies" and "Break the Anglo-French Colonial Hegemony" have been altered to add claims to the former German colony states.
"Reinstate Imperial Possessions" has been altered so that it will give a core on Eupen-Malmedy if it’s owned by Germany.

"Reclaim Belgian Territory" peacfully transfers Eupen-Malmedy to Germany if Germany is monarchist, has peacfully traded Danzig and has allied with the shade. Costs 150PP
"Reclaim Danish Territory" peacfully transfers Northern Schleswig to Germany if Germany is monarchist and has peacfully traded Danzig. Costs 150PP
"Restore our West African Colonial Borders" peacfully transfers western Togoland and western Cameroon to Germany if Germany is monarchist, has peacfully traded Danzig, has completed carte blanche for French colonies and now controls Togoland and Cameroon. Costs 100PP
"Partition Czechoslovakia" peacfully partitions Cczechoslovakia between Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and leaves a rump Czech state. Possible if Germany is monarchist, has peacfully traded Danzig, is in a faction with Britain, has peacfully annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia isn’t in a faction.
Decisions to form Austria-Hungary have been altered to add cores to former Austria-Hungarian lands. Additionally, Otto Von Habsburg will now become the leader of the non-alligned party which will be renamed "Legitimists".