German Empire Borders (And More!)

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Author: Ryan
Last revision: 16 Mar at 19:54 UTC


Alters the Map and States to allow the restoration of Germany’s pre-WW1 borders.

3 new states have been added in Europe (Upper Silesia, Eupen-Malmedy and Northern Schleswig) and 5 new states have been added in Africa (West Togoland, East Togoland, West Cameroon, East Cameroon and Ruanda-Urundi).

The Danzig for guarantees event has been altered to include Upper Silesia in the transfer, and the Memel event has been altered to give Germany a core when it’s transferred.

The "Carte Blanche for Alsace and French Colonies" and "Break the Anglo-French Colonial Hegemony" Focuses have been altered to add claims onto former German colonies, and the "Reinstate Imperial Possessions" focus has been changed so that it requires ownership of Eupen-Malmedy and gives a core for it.

2 decisions have been added which allow the peaceful transfer of Eupen-Malmedy and Northern Schleswig from Belgium and Denmark respectively.


– States amd Borders have been updated to allow the restoration of Austria-Hungary’s historic border, as well as the establishment of Eastern Europe Post-WW2 borders.

– Austria-Hungary formation decisions have been altered to include the new states, to ensure you gain cores on them as well.