Better Wehrmacht unit names

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Author: davewolf
Last revision: 12 Mar at 16:11 2018 UTC


…for HOI4 1.5.x. This is the vanilla version of my BlackICE sub mod.

Although this mod is purely cosmetic, it is not Ironman-compatible!


This is an immersion mod, keeping German ship and land unit designations as realistic as possible, including air wing names. I’m happy to see that many fixes have been incorporated into vanilla!

Some of the adjustments simply fix minor errors, or fill gaps. On the other hand flavour elements enter the realm of speculation. If there’s not enough historical data to provide, for example, a hundred cruiser names, everything you do is and always will be purely hypothetical. Nonetheless one can at least try to keep it as plausible as possible. Still, everything non-historical in this mod is just a matter of personal opinion.

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Version 0.87


Fix: Corrected a large number of spelling mistakes (both for the Wehrmacht and Imperial forces).
Flavour: Renamed "Seelande-Division" to "Marine-Infanterie-Division". I see no reason not to use the designation they actually did come up with.


Fix: Changed destroyers "Z1" to "Z22" to full names, like "Z1 Leberecht Maass".
Flavour: Increased the name list to 500 vessels, if you want to go crazy.

Flavour: Removed names like "Medusa", "Nymphe" and so forth. – The German Navy stopped using such playful names for cruisers long before WW2. – And increased the list of names, all city names, to 100. Go to the forums[] for a complete list of names.

Fix: Added "Admiral Scheer" to the heavy cruiser list.
Flavour: Historical German heavy or battle cruisers almost exclusively took their names from famous commanders. There were no battle cruisers named after provinces. Therefore, those have been removed. Now there are 23 heavy cruiser and 20 battle cruiser designations, all of them historical commander names. (Yes, I looked up every German/Austrian general/admiral I could find…) Go to the forums[] for a complete list of names.

Flavour: Historically battleship designations were a rather colorful mix of commander, region and royal names. The latter is of course not useful for this time frame. Thus those were removed, along with other unrealistic names. Now the list consists of 8 famous military or political figures, plus 18 regions. Go to the forums[] for a complete list of names.

Flavour: Removed everything except "Graf Zeppelin". None of the other names are useful or likely for dedicated fleet carriers. The list starts with German/Austrian aviation pioneers. (Some of them weren’t German/Austrian nationals, but did work for the benefit of Germany/Austria.) It continues with famous WWI, then WWII pilots. Altogether there are now 40 carrier names. Go to the forums[] for a complete list of names.


Fix + Flavour: Designations for all air wing types. Mostly historical, some without precedent.

Sadly the name column at the air force screen is too small for full names. (German wing names had the number at the end. Often it got cut off and rendered the name display useless,) So I went with acronyms, even though for now it’s inconsistent with army designations.
Here’s a list of the acronyms:
JG = Jagdgeschwader
SJG = Sonderjagdgeschwader / Schnelljagdgeschwader
ZG = Zerstörergeschwader
NJG = Nachtjagdgeschwader
StG = Sturzkampfgeschwader
SG = Schlachtgeschwader
KG = Kampfgeschwader
SKG = Schnellkampfgeschwader
FKG = Fernkampfgeschwader
SKGzbV = Schnellkampfgeschwader z.b.V.
KGzbV = Kampfgeschwader z.b.V.
LLG = Luftlandegeschwader
TG = Transportgeschwader
LG = Lehrgeschwader
KüFlG = Küstenfliegergeschwader
KüFlGr = Küstenfliegergruppe
TrJGr = Trägerjagdgruppe
TrKGr = Trägerkampfgruppe
TrStGr = Trägersturzkampfgruppe

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