Serbian Focus Tree – Serbia Enhanced

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Author: ProKosovich
Last revision: 16 Mar at 07:14 2018 UTC



Serbia is still part of Yugoslavia, it must be released from Yugoslavia to play as Serbia.
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The Focus Tree: The Serbian focus tree focuses around reclaiming lost, and promised territory. The monarchists have two and half paths to go on. First path is seeing the rebirth of the Serbian Empire. Through ultimatums and war can Serbia once again become the power of the Balkans? The second path sees allying with old friends. One can choose to go with Britain and the allies like in WW1 or revive the Balkan league and push Turkey out of Europe. The communist route is not very surprising, the end goal is to form Yugoslavia, but to do so you must go alone and ally with smaller socialist nations and not the mighty Soviet Union. The final path is nationalism – the route focuses on reclaiming lost lands and strengthening the Serbian people. One can align with the Axis and demand land from the secret London treaty in 1915, or befriend Croatia and secure the southern flank and from there push into Greece via diplomatic means.

• This mod adds accurate leader portraits to Serbia along with new military leaders.
• Historically accurate (As much as possible for Serbia) ministers with portraits.
• Coloured leader portraits for leaders, generals and admirals.
• Complete set of ministers/advisers
• Unit Icons for Croatia/Serbia/Montenegro/Slovenia/Bosnia


• Should work with most mods that are set in WW2.
• A recommended mod for this is: The Road To ’56.


• This mod goes great with ProKosovich’s Balkan Focus Trees