Imperial Germany Compatibility

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Author: TheLeoNade
Last revision: 2 Jul at 18:34 2018 UTC


Imperial Germany Compatibility is a small overhaul-ish/ mod centered around the Oppose Hitler branch of the German focus tree. The focus of the mod is to improve gameplay by allowing other nations to better interact with a Germany that has restored the Kaiserreich as well as providing additional flavor content.


-The Player is able to force Germany down the Oppose Hitler paths through decisions in non-historical games.
-Prevents the Anschluss event from firing once Germany has completed the Rekindle Imperial Sentiment focus.
-August von Mackensen is available as a field marshal for Imperial Germany
-Austria-Hungary now inherits other forming nations’ generals.
-The Kingdom of Italy is able to access their German co-operation foci and will boost unaligned in other nations if they complete these foci after the coup.
-Imperial Germany cannot access their Plan-Z or U-boat Effort foci.


Death or Dishonor Add-on.
France Add-on.

Plans for the future:

-Additional cosmetic tags for imperial subject nations.
All changes are based on Germany restoring the monarchy as of now, but I might look into the democratic path too at some point.


The core mod alters files for Germany and Italy, so it should be compatible with mods that don’t make any changes to these two nations. For the compatibility of the sub-mods, check the appropriate workshop page.

Known issues:

-If Ottoman Turkey wins the Turkish civil war, foci interacting with Turkey will not work (I will rewrite the event code in the future).
-Ottoman Turkey has issues with idea names (will also be fixed when I rewrite the event code for the Turkish civil war).