Imperial Germany Compatibility

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Author: TheLeoNade
Last revision: 18 Mar at 20:47 UTC


A small overhaul-ish/overhaul-lite mod that aims to make the new "Oppose Hitler" route for Germany as compatible with the other nations of the game as possible.

NB! All changes are based on Germany restoring the monarchy as of now, but I might look into the democratic path too at some point.

Current changes:
-Anschluss event cannot fire once Germany has completed the Rekindle Imperial Sentiment focus.
-Austria-Hungary now inherits other forming nations’ generals.
-Austria-Hungary gets decisions to demand Transylvania and re-instate Habsburg rule.
-Czechoslovakia forming Austria-Hungary removes their Divided Nation national spirit.
-The Yugoslavian focus to join the Axis also lets Yugoslavia join the Central Alliance in the event that it exists.
-The Kingdom of Italy can access their German co-operation foci and boosts unaligned support in other nations through their foci.
-Hungary can bypass several foci in their Monarchist branch if they form Austria-Hungary through a decision.
-Imperial Germany (NB! not democratic Germany) cannot access their Plan Z or U-boat Effort foci.
-Some minor dynamic naming changes to focuses that previously had nations joining the Axis.

Planned features:
-Allow Austria-Hungary to suggest partitioning neighboring nations to their allies.
-An independent Austria-Hungary focus tree.
-Adjust the Death or Dishonor focuses to better interact with imperial Germany.
-Add additional cosmetic tags for imperial subject nations.

This mod is not ironman compatible nor is it very compatible with other mods – graphical mods should be fine however.