Great Kingdom of Poland

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Author: DystRojeR
Last revision: 9 Mar at 19:02 UTC


Great Kingdom of Poland ver. 0.995

This GREAT mod contains:
– Big focus tree for Poland which gives you many ways to restore Great Kingdom of Poland
– New Events
– Fixes in German and Soviet focuses e.g.:
Now germany will not give polish lands to soviets while poland is in axis.
and much more things…

Compatible with following languages:


Update 1.00 is near 🙂
If all goes ok and my free time will be enough this final update should arrive soon after release of patch 1.5 ,but I have to tell you that after last update i am going to end support of this mod.
One of reasons is that something new and much much bigger will come in this year as a new mod for Hearts of Iron IV.
Now with my experience it is gonna be more professional and it will not reach daylight until it will be finished.

Current Version: 0.995 Pre-Final (compatible with 1.5)

English Corrections:
BumbleBee Fan

Next Mod: Something really BIG, coming in this year !

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