The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back

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Author: Yolo Swaggins
Last revision: 29 Mar at 21:22 2018 UTC


Feedback and support is appreciated!


So this is a mod i have been working on for several weeks now and its still not finished, but i felt like it has been in development fir far too long and wanted to release it. Its a what if the Ottoman Empire survived scenario. Its currently in Beta mode. Feel free to try if you want! So i have tested the game without mods and so far it seems to work, i aim to do a full test of the Ottoman tree, then complete the Persian one

It was intended to play in the 1936 startup date since i didn’t add anything to the 1939 start date

What is this mod?

This mod expands the Middle East to give it more action. Right now only the Ottomans have a tech tree but i plan on atleast giving one to Persia (maybe Egypt if i have time). In this mod you have to restore the Ottoman Empire to its former glory. You start off broke and on the verge of collapse, but by taking loans and modernising then you can save the Empire and then begin preparing for the storm that is gathering in Europe.


So in this timeline the Ottoman Empire never joined the Great War and infact managed to make abit of cash out of the war, but the war went the same and the Germans lost. But all was not well for the Ottomans. Back home they had an uprising were the Kurdish revolted against the Ottomans and while the Empire was distracted fighting them the British managed to seize Egypt. Mustafa Kemal fought both the Italians and British during their annexation of Libya and Egypt, even though he managed to hold them off, it proved inevitable. So fast forward to 1936. The Ottoman Empire is in decline and is bankrupt. Only a miracle can save them now. And that miracle is of course you!

Also during this time the Ottoman Empire was a constitutional monarchy and by the time of 1914 it was ruled by the CUP which wanted to mirror what Japan did. Have a democracy but let the Empire stay alive. And since the Ottomans never lost the war it would make sense for the CUP to remain. So in this world the CUP is fascist (like Japan) and the leader of the Empire is the House of Osman.

To Do List

  • Find and fix possible bugs
  • Try to make events pop up (for instance if the Ottoman Empire occupies Thrace then i want to make it so that news events show up when that happens)
  • Slowly implementing more decisions to match the update
  • I am currently expanding the Ottoman Focus tree to match the new update, it will be quite a slow process since they sort of changed how you mod somethings. I also have school to worry about so yeah it will take a little while.

Possible expansions

  • Focus Tree for Egypt?
  • Persian Focus Tree?
  • Like i mentioned i am updating the Ottoman Tree, hopefully in the future it the Ottomans will depend less on the Germans and maybe more on the British or Americans. It will take sometime since i am an amateur modder and also a student but my aim is atleast by mid summer (so that gives to loads of time to think of ideas and also study).

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Now keep in mind i am one amateur modder so updates do come very slowly, but i hope to make them as often as i can! Hope you enjoy the mod as much as i do!