MPU Division Icons – NATO like counters

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Author: mpu.daemos
Last revision: 13 Jun at 19:55 UTC


Some "NATO like" division template icons I made for co-op games with friends.

Compatible with v1.5.3

– Removes the standard division template icons
– Counters for 60 unique division types
– Standard and "Armoured" counters for most division types
– Icons for all vanilla division types plus some extras for use with mods
– No Echelon, Division, Brigade, Regiment and Battalian counters for every unique type
– 11 Unique "Elite" division types with 3 different coloured themes (Black, Red, Biege)
– Counters in groups of five
– Division Designer and Deployment view adjusted to show 5 counters per row
– Ironman / Achievement / MP compatible

For those who don’t care about unit size / echelon, simply pick a counter from the first column and ignore the rest

Plays well together with my other mods
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Enjoy 😎