Decisions: Speeches Audio

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Author: vpl300
Last revision: 12 Apr at 13:01 UTC



Version: 1.2 (Release Notes available HERE)
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This mod brings you 2 new decision-categories:

Public Speaking: allows you to make speeches. All decisions have cost, prerequisites and effects.
Foreign Leader Announcements: allows you to listen to speeches by other world leaders.

All decisions are based on historical speeches and public announcements.

Execution of a decision will TRIGGER AUDIO THAT PLAYS IN-GAME.

Up to date and complete speechlist available HERE.


Compatible with all mods.
– Varying functionality: some decisions might be missing if certain focuses are not available.
– NOT Ironman and it never will be, as long as decisions changes checksum.


– I plan on keeping this mod up to date with all major patches coming in 2018.
– If you have any problems after an update, try re-subscribing!
– Regarding content-updates, please read THIS.


– These recordings include no anti-semitic material.
– If you want to include this into a mod of your own go right ahead – just put a link in your description – and tell me the good news!


– 1.2 (180412): more speeches, a new category and some compatibility tweaks.
– 1.1 (180331): 3 new speeches for Germany and some minor tweaks.


– English
French (merci beaucoup, Vince!)
Russian (благодарю, Totenkopf!)
– No other languages will be added or expanded upon here. However, I welcome anyone to use the files if they want to make a separate localisation-mod and I’ll put a link in right here!


– "Public Speaking"-category (20 decisions – speeches that you make)
– "Foreign Leader Announcements"-category (8 decisions – speeches that you listen to)
– Additional content will be added in due course.