Nordic Federation

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Author: Vaeringjar
Last revision: 14 Mar at 16:17 2018 UTC


"Most of the North has enjoyed prolonged periods of peace. Their economy has grown well and their military has grown old. And now, once again, Winter is coming. Good Luck."

Current mod version: Mk IIa
For HoI4 version: 1.5.* Cornflakes, 1936 Bookmark
! Compatibility notes at the bottom !

— Highlighted Features —

[] Merged Denmark + Sweden + Norway + Finland
[] New Focus Tree
[] Decisions! Import foreign aircraft, raise defensive lines and mobilise resource industries.
[] Events! Options and consequences may vary according to your guideance.
[] 11 generals. With portraits!
[] OOBs based on the arsenal available to the merged nations.
[] Unique ship: Gotland. A seaplane cruiser.
[] Difficulty: Consider lowering it unless you seek a challenge!

— Gameplay recommendations —

[] 1936 Bookmark. Historical mode. Pursue independent path in focus tree.
[] Germany and the United Kingdom are your main trade partners. War between them will have consequences.
[] You can ignore building planes for a while if you purchase foreign ones (decisions).
[] Make sure your infrastructure can support your forces in the region, this includes ports.
[] Garrison your ports. 1.5 has increased AI sneakiness.
[] You don’t start with much freedom of division templates, but you’ll get enough XP through the focus tree. (addressed next update)

— Compatibility —

[] The following files have been overwritten, and thus are compatibility concerns:
commonideas | denmark.txt finland.txt norway.txt sweden.txt
historystates, all states which belong to the NFD at game start had to be edited
Mods that edit these files, should be given priority in load-order so that my mod may override their changes.

[] Example: Road to 56
This mod edits the mentioned files. Thus it must be given load priority over my mod.
Go to "DocumentsParadox InteractiveHearts of Iron IVmod"
find "ugc_820260968.mod", open it with notepad
change name to "! The Road to 56", or anything that’ll make it show up higher than my mod in the launcher

— Misc —

[] Older HoI4 versions: There is no version for 1.4.*, however the old version (linked) should work on all versions 1.0.* until 1.3.*.