Songs For The United States

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Author: ★ [ΖмBя.™] Fl4k3s ★
Last revision: 7 Apr at 16:30 UTC



– America the Beautiful
– Anchors Aweigh
– Colonel Bogey March
– God Bless America
– Hands across the Sea March
– My Country Tis of Thee
– National Emblem March
– Naval Academy March
– Officer of the day March
– Our Director
– Semper Fidelis
– The Battle Hymn of the Republic
– The Halls of Montezuma
– The Star Spangled Banner
– The Thunderer
– The U.S Field Artillery March
– The Washington Post
– Thomas Jefferson March
– When Johnny Comes Marching Home
– Yankee Doodle
– Ain’t I Right [NEW]
– Over There [NEW]
– The Caissons [NEW]
– The Yellow Rose of Texas [NEW]
– We’ll Fight for Uncle Sam [NEW]

Suggestions For New Songs? Found Any Bugs? Feedback? Leave Them In The Comments Below! [I MIGHT TAKE SOME TIME TO RESPOND]

[WARINING] The British CommonWealth Songs Will Take Sometime because finding some songs are a little hard. But I’m Also Working On A Songs For Germany,Which Will Probably Launch Ealier.


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