Hearts of Anime 5.2

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Authors: ♕GrimDeReaper♔, ™Hung3r_W0LF™
Last revision: 26 Aug at 12:30 UTC


Hearts of Anime 5.2

The mod has is now fully updated for the newest Hearts of Iron 1.5.2 version, with some small changes.
The tabs have all been fixed.
Any bugs, report to me and I’ll do my best to try to fix it.
Credits goes to the original mod creator ku111[Черный фарфоp]

Update Changelog (25/08/2018)
+Added new China portraits
+Added new Communist China portraits
+Added new Manchuko Porttraits
+Added new Xibei de San Ma portraits
+Added new Guangxi clique portraits
+Added new German portraits
+Added new Siam portraits.

-Updated Italian portraits.


Update Changelog (26/08/2018)
+Fixed PRC bugged portraits.
+Fixed China bugged portraits.

-Updated South Africa portraits.