Hearts of Anime 6.0

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Authors: ♕GrimDeReaper♔, ™Hung3r_W0LF™
Last revision: 15 Mar at 02:11 UTC


Hearts of Anime 6.0

The mod has is now fully updated for the newest Hearts of Iron version. This mod is a continuation of an old mod that had been stopped being updated long time ago. The Original Creator allowed me continue to further update it to keep it alive.
The tabs have all been fixed.
Any bugs, report to me and I’ll do my best to try to fix it.
Credits goes to the original mod creator ku111[Черный фарфоp]

Update Changelog (25/08/2018)
+Added new China portraits
+Added new Communist China portraits
+Added new Manchuko Porttraits
+Added new Xibei de San Ma portraits
+Added new Guangxi clique portraits
+Added new German portraits
+Added new Siam portraits.

-Updated Italian portraits.


Update Changelog (26/08/2018)
+Fixed PRC bugged portraits.
+Fixed China bugged portraits.

-Updated South Africa portraits.


Update Changelog (13/10/2018)
+Added a portrait for Non-Aligned France
+Added Ace fighter portraits for Germany, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.
+Added a new research UI for the game,

courtesy from the developers of MoeReich (Kaiserreich Anime Mod).

Special Notes: Thanks for the developers of MoeReich for letting me use their research UI. Go check their awesome mod if you haven’t played it yet: MoeReich

Side Notes: Also, sorry for the kind of lazy update, I’ve been working a lot on a side project and it has been taking a lot of time and Reaper’s too, so the portraits we have done were not enough to full release it yet, but it should be coming out in a few days.


Update Changelog (25/11/2018)
-Fixed Japanese bugged portraits
-Fixed French Non-Aligned portrait
+Added New Ireland portraits.


Update Changelog (09/03/2019)
+Added New Leader Portrait for Peru
+Added New Leader Portrait for Ecuador
+Added New Leader Portrait for Panama
+Added New Leader Portrait for Cuba
+Added New Leader Portrait for Haiti
+Added New Leader Portrait for Dominican Republic
+Added New Leader Portrait for Uruguay
+Added New Leader Portrait for Chile
+Added New Leader Portrait for Colombia
+Added New Leader Portrait for Mengkukuo
+Added New Leader Portrait for Paraguay
+Added New Leader Portrait for Mongolia
+Added New Leader Portrait for Bhutan
+Added New Leader Portrait for Democratic Japan
+Added New Leader Portrait for Emperor Mussolini (Portrait when you form the Roman Empire)
+Added New Leader Portrait for Iraq
+Added New Leader Portrait for British Malaya
+Added New Leader Portrait for Indonesia
+Added New Leader Portrait for Yemen
+Added New Leader Portrait for Oman
+Added New Leader Portraits for all for Continental Central America
+Added New Leader Portrait for Non-Aligned Austria-Hungary
+Completely Revamped Australia’s portraits
+Revamped the generic Leader portraits for Asia, Arabia, Africa and Europe (South America still under work.)
-Changed Wilhelm II portrait
-Changed Communist Italy leader portrait, check here:
+Added New portraits for Mexico (Complete Revamp.)
+Added New portraits for Netherlands (Complete Revamp.)
+Added New portraits for United States (Only the new leaders.)
+Added New portraits for Great Britain (Only the new leaders.)
-Made the game Ironman Compatible
+Added New Loading Screen for the Man the Guns Update
+Added New Baltic States portraits

Examples of New Portraits can be Seen Here: https://imgur.com/a/wIAZPLi

All of the current backgrounds in the game: https://imgur.com/a/vk5bO8T

Side Notes: Finally out guys. Thanks for the patience, it took a lot of time to update this. We made most of the portraits before the update even launching, we wanted to update the names too for the countries. We were going to do that to Iraq, Brazil, Chile, Malaya etc. But we realized mid way it would be impossible to do that, and if we were going to attempt something like this, it would be better just to make a port of this mod for Road to 56. We also wanted to try something new for the update, like add new releaseable nations for USA for example, we even managed to make some portraits, but gave up on that idea soon after. To makes things worst, at the weekend I got sick and for the duration of the holiday my country had. Our final decision was to make the mod Ironman Compatible. Most of the portraits had to be archived and we may use them in future. Apart from that, thanks for the patience once again, enjoy the update and if you see any bugs say just report them.

Edit 1: I’ve had to rewrite this a bunch of times because I was fixing some of the netherland portraits.


Update Changelog (14/03/2019)
-Fixed French Portraits.