Manlethamlet’s Balkanization

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Author: manlethamlet
Last revision: 15 Apr at 23:41 2018 UTC


This mod is a new, updated version of the earlier California Republic mod.

Steam group:

This mod is hugely updated from the original one. I uploaded this separately because this adds multiple states and countries, which makes this incompatible with any mod that adds states or countries with the same tags. I figured I’d leave the old one up if you’d like to play as California without having to stop using some of your mods. Be warned, because the old mod is not being updated anymore and there are still bugs. It’s also NOT updated for Cornflakes, and never will be.

Manlethamlet’s Balkanization adds:
-Four playable-at-start nations: California, Cascadia, the CSA (Confederate States of America), and Vermont
-Two releasable nations: Texas and Jefferson, plus a secret nation somewhere on the east coast…
-Two (so far) unique focus trees, for California and Cascadia
-Eleven new states: North Jefferson, South Jefferson, New California, Lincoln, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, Delmarva, and West Virginia.
-Cheeky memes and references :^)

Playable Countries:
California – Led by the famed Ronald Reagan, decide the fate of what was to become the 31st state. CAL begins with moderately high stability but is barely equipped to fight any wars. The Golden State is rife with opportunity; will you bring a new empire into the pages of history, aim to reconquer lost lands, or be finally absorbed into the Union?
Cascadia – The ecostate of Cascadia starts out very stable, but its pacifist nature means that it has no standing army and no war support. However, all that can change, and some in Cascadia want to expand into British Columbia…
Confederate States – The Confederate States of America is led by Jefferson Hayes-Davis, a descendant of the first Confederate President. It begins as a nation wrought with instability, plagued by recent race riots and calls for both the abolition of slavery and for better treatment of Native Americans.
Vermont – The Vermont Republic carved out a fledgling sovereignty in 1777. In a twist of fate, the early Vermonters voted not to join the Union in 1791. For the last 140 years, the Republic has kept to itself and stayed isolationist.

The United States flag has also been altered to reflect the number of states.

New England has been split into its constituent states. Connecticut and Rhode Island are still a single state, both for balancing reasons and because the provinces don’t match up. The Delmarva Peninsula is also its own state, because the provinces didn’t match up for Delaware, either. West Virginia was detached from Virginia, and Lincoln is now separate from Idaho and Washington. North and South Jefferson were split from Oregon and California, respectively, and New California was also split.

Some of the states added – Jefferson, Lincoln, New California, and Delmarva – are/were actual "secession" efforts at forming new states. Jefferson was split into north/south in order to keep the California-Cascadia border consistent, and to prevent one country from controlling all of Jefferson at game start.

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