EAW Submod: Aryanne

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Author: Soron
Last revision: 6 Apr at 11:36 2018 UTC


Submod for Equestria at War.

This mod makes Aryanne the leader of fascist Stalliongrad, who is then renamed Germania.

Since, at least in my knowledge, there is no way to normally turn Stalliongrad fascist. You need to use the console.

set_rulling_party fascism
add_party_popularity 50 fascism (if you want)
if you then want a civil war: civilwar communism STG


civilwar fascism STG
tag d01

Obviously need Equestria at war to work: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1096009291

I personally recommend putting Sinister in power and finishing his focus before putting Aryanne in power, not only will it enable you to get fitting and useful focuses, but you will also be able to ally Sombra if he take the Sinister Alliance focus.

Required items:
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