Kent’s Chinese Portraits

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Author: 黑隼
Last revision: 14 Apr at 12:02 2018 UTC


HI, guys,

First of all, please forgive my English bad, this MOD is about the history of the Republic of China added a history of the general, the portrait style is the original style, based on the old photos made of color.

Here are 3 Navy generals and several army generals.

They are:

沈鸿烈Shen_honglie, 陈绍宽Chen_Shaokuan, 桂永清Gui_Yongqing
刘峙Liuzhi, 孙连仲Sun_lianzhong, 张自忠Zhang_Zi_Zhong, 宋希濂song_xilian,
白崇禧Bai_Chong_Xi, 张灵甫Zhang_Ling_Fu, 陈诚chencheng

I hope you will enjoy your fun